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Forgotten is a third person action-adventure game where players take control of Freya, a time traveller and smuggler with a very unique ability: rewinding individual objects through space and time.

I was the only programmer in the team, and was responsible for implementing all the game's systems like the main mechanic, camera, movement, AI, a cover system, as well as tools to allow our level designers to quickly script events, audio and particles.

The project was done by a team of five, using Unity, and we had two months for pre-production and three for production.

Pose Perfect

Pose Perfect is a whacky game where you drag different body parts to try to fit through abstract shapes and achieve high scores.

Pose Perfect was developed by a team of three over the course of 48 hours for a Game Jam competition, in which it won first place.


Hell is a third person shooter game where the player can flip gravity to traverse through a hellish landscape.

It was developed in 48 hours during a Halloween-themed Game Jam with a team of three.

Hazardous Spatula Summit

Hazardous Spatula Summit is a food-themed dual stick shooter where players take control of a spatula-throwing chef in an attempt to stop an invasion of radioactive junk food.

It was developed over the course of 48 hours during a Game Jam and it was made in a team of three.

Mr. Slime

Mr. Slime is a third person game where the player controls a slime ball that can switch colors and throw and retrieve slime balls. Slime balls have different effects depending on their color.

It was developed during the Full Indie Game Jam with a team of four.